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Stefanking's sound is deeply rooted and heavily influenced by the San Francisco/NY deep house sounds of the early 1990's as well as late 50's art rock and late 60's early 70's classic rock and roll.

2013 saw the debut of Stefanking's record label ChateauMusique.  ChateauMusique's recent release, American Dream, is a deep tech house exsposition equally inspired by art haus cinema's Killing Them Softly as it is inspired by W.S.'s Hamlet.

Hot tip... check out Stefanking's Lucky 13 Roll of American Dream.

With specialFX credits in several feature films (Stephen W. King) , acting roles in experimental indy cinema projects (including Portugal's Festival International da Figueira da Foz, My Bounty Hunter), and directing experimental film projetcs, Stefanking's artistic expression runs the gamut from commercial blockbusters to the ecclectic/offbeat/underground.

 subliminally deep tech boutique


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